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The Lord's Prayer is a basic gospel tract. When printed, cut, and folded, it is in the form of a small single-fold tract. If you'd like to read the text of the tract, please see here.


The assembly of the Lord's Prayer tract is quite simple. The basic steps to create one are as follows:

1) Download the PDF file and print out the two pages of the file (page #1 on the front of a sheet of paper, page #2 on the back). Use POSTCARD stock (see below).

2) Break the tract into four postcard-sized pieces (along the perforations).

3) Fold each "postcard" in half.

More detailed instructions can be found below.

Downloading the File

The printable tract file is in the form of a basic two-page PDF file. To view/download the file, right-click the tract icon below, and save it to your hard drive. You will need to have a PDF reader to view and print the file. If you do not yet have such a reader, we recommend Adobe® Reader®, which you can get by clicking on the link below.

Please Note - Important:
For this tract, you must go to "Page Setup..." and change the mode to "Landscape Mode" (long-wise).
When printing the tract you should
turn off all options that resize the page when printing, such as "Fit to Paper," "Shrink Large Pages," "Auto-Rotate and Center," and such. (Please see the sample Print dialog bow below.) The tract is laid out very precisely in the PDF file and it should print correctly without these options. In our testing, these options altered the layout and made the tract come out misaligned.

In the example below, "Page Scaling" should be set to None, and "Auto-Rotate and Center" should be unchecked.

Paper Type

We suggest using letter-sized postcard stock made for personal printers (i.e. inkjet, laser, etc.). This stock comes with four blank, white postcards per page, separated by perforations. We have found OfficeDepot's® postcard paper () to work quite well. (Please note that we do not necessarily support or endorse OfficeDepot®; but we provide this for your information.)

Finished Product

These are some photos of the finished product. We hope to add more info and instructions later. If you need help, please drop us an e-mail. We'd love to help!

We'd like to hear from you if you use our tracts! If you have a moment, please send us a note and tell us which tracts you use and where you pass them out. You can reach us here. (Please note, we respect your privacy and won't sell or give away your e-mail address to ANYONE.)

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