As part of our ministry, we offer tracts covering a variety of different subjects. These are presented to scripturally address different issues and topics that a person encounters today. Some are contemporary and some are timeless. We sincerely believe the Lord wrote them. They're backed by scripture. We offer them for your use and edification.

When finished, we hope to have our complete line available here on our site. Each tract is in a web-compatable format for easy on-line reading, and are now available in a downloadable PDF format.

The PDF versions are layed out so as to produce a small booklet when they are properly cut and assembled. We will try to provide clear assembly instuctions for each. If you need further assistance, we would be glad to help via e-mail (see Contact info). To see the pages related to the printable versions, please click on the "Printable Version" links below. All the printable files are posted to these pages, and are ready to print and assemble. However, the web pages are still under consruction, and may not yet contain complete assembly info. If you have questions, please check back a little later, or feel free to e-mail us!

Harry Potter:
The Sorcerer & The Lake of Fire
Read this to find out the truth about the Harry Potter series, and why you should avoid it.
(Printable Version)

Why the King James Version Bible is the Only Word of God
This supports the fact that the KJV is the only true bible.
(Printable Version)

The Parody of the Christ
This tract exposes Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" as false doctrine.
(Printable Version)

The Lord's Prayer
A simple tract with the Lord's Prayer on the ouside and scriptual guidelines for living on the inside.
(Printable Version)

This pamphlet exposes Halloween as a Satanic holiday.
(Printable Version)

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