“The Lord's Prayer

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Download, print, and assemble our Lord's Prayer tract (pamphlet) for use in your ministry!

The Lord's Prayer is a simple tract which presents the Lord's Prayer (from Matthew 6:9-13) on the front cover, and explains how to get to heaven on the inside. When printed, cut, and folded, it forms a small single-fold tract.

This may be our most popular tract, as it is small, simple, and direct; and it's easy to pass out or leave behind when you visit places.


Note: These are designed to be printed on postcard paper, such as the Avery #8387, or similar. Regular paper is OK, too, but they will be more flimsy and you will need to cut them out yourself.

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Assembly Steps

The Lord's Prayer tract is very easy to assemble. The basic steps to create one are:

  1. Preferably using a desktop computer (Mac, Linux, PC, etc), download the PDF file (below).
  2. On a sheet of letter-size postcard paper (if you can get it), print the front page and the back page of the PDF (page #1 on the front of the sheet, and page #2 on the back).
  3. Break the postcard sheet into the four postcard-sized pieces (along the perforations). If using normal paper, cut the sheet into four equal pieces.
  4. Fold each "postcard" in half. Note that one sheet of postcard paper will yield four tracts.


Downloading the File

The printable tract file is in the form of a basic two-page PDF ("portable document file"). To view the file, click the tract icon below.

To save the file to your computer (for better printing) right-click the tract icon, and select "Save as..." or "Save link as..." (or similar). When the Save window opens, select a good place to store the file on your computer's hard drive.

Download the Lord's Prayer tract...

Note: You will need to have a PDF reader to view and print the file (most computers have one). If you do not yet have such a reader, we suggest Adobe® Reader®, which you can get for free by going to the Adobe website, here.



To print the tract:

  1. Black & White printing.
    This tract has no color graphics, so priniting in black & white is fine.
  2. Use letter-sized postcard stock (thick paper).
    • We suggest something like Avery #8387.
    • You can use regular paper if this is not available. In that case, print on plain US letter-size paper. Cut the page into four quarters after printing.
  3. Use Landscape mode.
    This is the "long-ways" option in your printer settings.
  4. Printing Options
    Important! When printing, please turn off all options that resize the page, such as "Fit to Paper," "Shrink Large Pages," or "Auto-Rotate and Center." The PDF file should print correctly without these options. In our testing, these options altered the layout and made the tract come out misaligned.
  5. Print on front and back of the sheet.
    You may have an automatic setting for this; otherwise, you can do it manually. You may have to experiment to make it work correctly.


Finished Product Photo

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